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Powder for coupling with pole Mighty Grip

Code: MightyGrip
The most popular thermoplastic powder MIGHTY GRIP preventing slipping has found its recognition among many athletes irrespective of the direction of their activity, of course, it did not pass over to those who are interested in the dance on the pylon. Initially, the powder was produced for sportsmen of a wide profile, who need a confident grip. A little later, there was a line of powders for pole-dansers (usual and for a cold pylon).
Type of product: powder
Weight: 7 gr
Suffices 150 times.

Pros of Mighty Grip Powder:
+ the minimum expense, powders will suffice for long time
+ a rigid grip that can replace the use of gloves, the maximum confidence that you will not slide on stunts that require a quick reaction and a stable grip
+ no sensation of "sticky" palms
+ does not leave marks on hands and a pylon
+ no allergic reactions were detected
Features of Mighty Grip powder:
- not suitable for twisting on a static pylon (but if you really want to - reduce the dosage of the drug and experiment with the optimal amount of substance)
Mighty Grip - will be your favorite means of adhesion.

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