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Crash Mat for ProfiStage

Code: matPS
Brand: Profi-Pole
Made to order
Portable crash mat for  Profi Stage - - the perfect solution for those who want to feel safe when engaging on a pole.
Mat was developed by specialists for the production of sports equipment and has been tested by professional poldensers.

The two halves of the mat is conveniently located around a pole on the classes or perform certain tricks and cleaned if necessary.

Halves mat fastened hook and loop fastener, which easily allows you to connect or disconnect them.
In each half of the mat there is a special recess for easy placement glass pole attachment.

  • Features of the mat:
  • Diameter - 2 m
  • Thickness - 10 cm
  • Material - skin substitute Vinilpex Polish production.
  • Filler - sheet foam density 25 kg / m3.
  • It consists of two parts of the connecting hook and loop fastener.
  • Equipped with handles for carrying convenience.

Possible to produce different colors.
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