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Pole for water aerobics

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Brand: Profi-Pole
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A podium with a pole for aqua aerobics is a new trend that has conquered Europe. Many fitness centers with swimming pools have added a line of water aerobics with a pole in their assortment.

Podium Features:
  • diameter of the base - 80 cm (on request)
  • height of the base - 6 cm.
  • carcass material - stainless steel
  • flooring material - stainless steel with anti-slip lining
  • the diameter of the pole is 42.4 mm
  • pipe material - stainless steel
  • height of the pole along with the podium of 2 m. (base) and 2.5 m (on request)
  • weight - 19 kg
The pole is easily removed from the base directly in the water, freeing up space for swimming.
Thanks to special Italian suckers, the podium is securely fixed on the bottom of the pool. These suckers have a silicone base and a stainless steel rod. Suckers are securely fixed to any smooth surface. And with the help of a special scapula, the podium can easily be unhooked from the bottom.

For pool complexes and fitness centers discounts are given when ordering more than 4 podiums


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