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Pole Stage

The Profi Stage podium has been specially designed for easy assembly and reliability of the pole dancer. The pole mounted on the podium has 2 modes (static and spinning). Assembling a podium with a pole takes up to 15 minutes.

The podium with a pole is available in 2 variants with a Chinese rubberized pole and a stainless steel pole with a diameter of 42.4 mm.
Code: ProfiStage
Brand: Profi-Pole
Stage for dancing with pole (dual-mode) It is a budget and practical stage that is easy and fast to assemble, has good stability, and also two modes of rotation / fixation.
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17 500 UAH
Code: aqua
Brand: Profi-Pole
The podium with the pole for aqua aerobics - a new trend conquering Europe, is now available in Ukraine. Many fitness centers with swimming pools have added a line of water aerobics with a pole in their assortment.
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14 000 UAH
Code: Chinese Stage
Brand: Profi-Pole
A unique design that combines the mobility of a portable stage and a Chinese (rubberized) pole. The clutch with the pole is 100% efficient. Dance in the Chinese pole clothing wherever you want.
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32 000 UAH