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Pole Stage

Code: ProfiStage
Brand: Profi-Pole
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Mobile stage for dancing with spinning pole Profi Stage.
It is a budget and practical
 stage that is easy and fast to assemble, has good stability, and also two modes of rotation / fixation - in general, everything necessary for performances and work on the pole anywhere. For today it is the most stable portable platform from all existing on the market.

 The main characteristics of the

  • The diameter of the pole is 42.4 mm.

  • Assembly of the  stage - 8-10 min.

  • The diameter of the base in assembled form is 2 m.

  • The height of the base of the catwalk is 15 cm.

  • The height of the pole is 2.75 m (up to 3 meters)

  • Pole - speaker / statics

  • All-metal frame and removable paws.

  • Weight - 78 kg.

The main advantages of the ProfiStage podium:

  • Stability.

The base diameter of 2 m and a rigid metal frame give the podium additional stability without additional weighting agents. On the  stage, you can perform spinning rotation and twisting, not being afraid that the  stage will fall.

  • Reliability.

The base of the  stage is assembled from modular, metal parts and welded. The main cross, on which the  stage meets, has a large margin of safety. There are no unnecessary details in the podium, everything is done as simply as possible.

  • Convenience.

The base diameter is 2 m - more than any other analogues. This base allows you to sit comfortably in the cross-twine and go to the  stage without fear that it will end. Also, it is convenient for performances and training.
The height of the
 stage is 15 cm - it is also very convenient for moving from floor to  stage and back.

  • Mobility.

The  stage is quickly assembled and disassembled, as well as easily transported by car.​



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Наталья Friday, January 26, 2018 3:06 PM
Спасибо за подиум с пилоном
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