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Podium with pole

Code: ProfiStage
Brand: Profi-Pole
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Mobile podium for dancing with dynamic pole ProfiStage.
It is a budget and practical podium that is easy and fast to assemble, has good stability, and also two modes of rotation / fixation - in general, everything necessary for performances and work on the pole anywhere. For today it is the most stable portable platform from all existing on the market.

 The main characteristics of the podium:
  • The diameter of the pole is 42.4 mm.
  • Assembly of the podium - 8-10 min.
  • The diameter of the base in assembled form is 2 m.
  • The height of the base of the catwalk is 15 cm.
  • The height of the pole is 2.75 m (up to 3 meters)
  • Pole - speaker / statics
  • All-metal frame and removable paws.
  • Weight - 78 kg.

The main advantages of the ProfiStage podium:
  • Stability.
The base diameter of 2 m and a rigid metal frame give the podium additional stability without additional weighting agents. On the podium, you can perform dynamic rotation and twisting, not being afraid that the podium will fall.
  • Reliability.
The base of the podium is assembled from modular, metal parts and welded. The main cross, on which the podium meets, has a large margin of safety. There are no unnecessary details in the podium, everything is done as simply as possible.
  • Convenience.
The base diameter is 2 m - more than any other analogues. This base allows you to sit comfortably in the cross-twine and go to the podium without fear that it will end. Also, it is convenient for performances and training.
The height of the podium is 15cm - it is also very convenient for moving from floor to podium and back.
  • Mobility.
The podium is quickly assembled and disassembled, as well as easily transported by car.​

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Наталья Friday, January 26, 2018 3:06 PM
Спасибо за подиум с пилоном
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