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System "Compact"

Code: projoin
Brand: Profi-Pole
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Separates the pipe of the pole, on the dye part.
Allowed installation of a compact pole system up to 2.75 m

Want a compact pylon that can be easily hidden? You will be satisfied with the unique optional option - Compact. A pole with the Compact system after training can easily fit into the cabinet.

What is a pole for a dance with a Compact system?

A compact pole for dance, consists of two parts. Thanks to a special sleeve, the pole is assembled into a one-piece pipe, and has no way to unwind.
The joint of the two parts of the pole is polished and it is not felt during the execution of the twist and tricks.

Remove the pole with the Compact system in the cabinet will take no more than 7 minutes!

Buy a pomp Сompact - get the opportunity to engage in poles at home, saving space for life!

You can order a pole with the Compact system with both static and dynamic pole models.

We make free delivery of poles in Ukraine!

To order a pole, call:
Tel .: +38 (099) -543-60-36
        +38 (093) -425-20-51
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