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Pole Grip

Order the Pole Grip. There are liquid magnesia, wax iTac2. The coupling means help the pole dancer as it reduces the glide.
Liquid Magnesia Sticky Molly for pole dance 100 ml
In stock
350 UAH
Code: stickymolly40
Liquid Stickies Molly for pole dance 40 ml
In stock
250 UAH
Code: itac 200
A large jar with wax for working on a pylon iTac2. Regular Strength, Extra Strength
In stock
1 800 UAH
Code: itac 20
Brand: iTac2
A small jar with wax for working on a pole iTac2. Pole Fitness Extra Strength,
In stock
470 UAH
Code: itac 45
Brand: iTac2
Wax for work on the pole iTac2 in stock. Pole Fitness Extra Strength
In stock
750 UAH