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Static cable pole

Code: S_TROS
Brand: Profi-Pole
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Poles under the cable are universal, for installation it is necessary to fix them to the floor and walls at a height of the top of the pole or below.
The ceiling in the room remains untouched.
Basic equipment:
Pole up to 2.7 m high (static)
Dowels for fixing the pole to the floor (3pcs)

The set does not include rigging products for stretching the upper fastener.

We produce both static and dual-mode models (check with the managers).

Poles can be removed from your room, for installation at competitions, event, master class, both on stage and on the street.
Perhaps, to strengthen poles, forming ligaments among themselves, this reduces the number of cables.
For reliable installation of the pole it is necessary to use rigging products of not less than M8 size, the cable is recommended taking into account year-round operation 4mm galvanized, with an organic core.
Depending on the material of the walls, we will choose the optimal solution for fixing elements for your premises.

Sales department:
Tel .: +38 (099) 543-60-36
          +38 (093) 425-20-51


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