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Universal Pole

Code: unipole
Brand: Profi-Pole
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Mountable, portable pole for installation at any height from 2.4 m to 3 m universal in the installation as without damaging the ceiling / floor surface, and for dowel fastening to the ceiling and / or floor.

Pole characteristics:
  • Spinning pole with static function

  • 2 types of installation (in the spacer or with a dowel fastening in the floor / ceiling)

  • The pole is installed at a height of 2.4 m to 3 m thanks to the dials of the kit

  • Stainless steel pole with mirror polished

  • Diameter 42.4 mm

  • Allows the weight of the athlete up to 150 kg

  • Can withstand a load of up to 950 kg

  • The lower and upper support is provided with a friction pad that does not allow the pole to move and leave no traces on the floor and ceiling.

Removable, expansion model of the pole for the house with the function of rotation and fixation. This universal model is suitable for both beginners and professionals, since the rotation mechanism can be reliably fixed with just one screw at the bottom of the pole.

The pole is installed on the level in the expansion, between the floor and the ceiling. Does not leave traces from the installation on the floor and ceiling. If necessary or desired, it is possible to fix the pole to the floor and ceiling with dowels or screws!​

Advantages of the UniPole pole:

The base is a stainless steel tube with a mirror polished diameter of 42.4 mm. It is food grade stainless steel with special polishing.

The connecting elements are made of structural steel. This allows you to achieve maximum accuracy in the connections, which makes the assembled pole stronger. Also, this greatly increases the life of the pole.

The adjusting screw is reinforced by 35% and has a small stroke, only 10 cm. This allows you to install a pole with the maximum useful pipe height!

The lower support has a diameter of 120 mm! This gives additional reliability to the pole, because it can be installed without drilling floor and ceiling.

The pole in the folded state takes up very little space, which will help you transport and store the pole.
If it is necessary to transport it, it can easily fit into the trunk of a passenger car, or it can pass through the dimensions as baggage in case of air travel.
The cost of shipping to Europe is approximately 80 - 100 EUR.
Packing dimensions 125x20x8 cm = 0,02 cube / m
The weight of the package is only 13 kg.


ViberWhatsApp, Telegram: +38 093 425 20 51


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Product reviews (3)
Оксана Friday, August 17, 2018 11:16 AM
добрый день! получила пилон, универсальный, разборной, который за 6000грн. очень довольна. живу в другой стране пилон привезли в качестве подарка родные, как я им и заказывала. очень довольна вашим изделием, очень качественно все выполнено, доставка курьера прям на вокзал за несколько часов до самолета, все четко, спасибо за вашу работу. нетерпиться потренироваться на новом снаряде)
Христина Tuesday, December 18, 2018 11:31 PM
А можливе кріплення до гіпсокартонової стелі?
Менеджер Thursday, December 20, 2018 9:31 AM
Христина, в случае с Г/К: Крепленние возможно к потолку и полу на дюбеля, или отверстие в потолке до несущего и тогда крепление только к потолку на дюбеля а к полу в розжим.
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